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mx-playerAre you looking for the best media player for your smartphone? Being an Android user, I can’t resist myself from recommending MX Player. I have been using the app for about four years now. And, it didn’t render any error all throughout the years. If you don’t know how to download MX Player or want to get some in-depth details about the same, you are cordially welcome because I am going to give you the same on this page.

If you are an Android user, you know there are two methods for installing an application. The first one i the direct method using the official Play Store and the second one is sideloading the app with the help of an APK file.

For the sake of saying it, I want to give brief information on how to download this media player app. First, you have to open Play Store and, search for it. Finally, tap on the Install button. That’s it. If you are lazy to go through all these steps, use the direct link given below to start the download.

Download MX Player APK

Download MX Player Pro APK

Download MX Player For PC

In order to sideload the app, you need to make sure that Unknown sources are turned on (You need to access Settings>> Security for that). Then, download APK file from above and open the file to finish the installation.

Download MX Player Custom Codec


You can read the enticing features of this app from below.

#1. Hardware Acceleration

You can accelerate the hardware of your smartphone using three different decoders; SW, HW and HW+. Once you choose the appropriate encoder, you won’t have any compatibility issue and low volume problem.

Among the three, HW+ uses this media player app’s own sound settings to fetch you the best media performance without adversely affecting the hardware.

#2. Supports Every Subtitle Format

When it comes to movies in foreign languages, the majority of us makes use of subtitles. But mobile media players are not so keen in effectively displaying them.


It’s not the same case with this app. You can load any subtitle format alongside the video file on the app. Moreover, you can directly download syncing subtitle right from the playback screen as well.

It also allows you to personalize your subtitles in the way you want to display it.

#3. Simple Gestures

Gestures simplify your multimedia life by providing you with easy-to-apply shortcuts. This app has a bunch of gestures like pinch to zoom and drag to skip.

On a typical media player, you have to drag through the exact playback progress bar to skip to the exact portion in the video. But on this media player app, you can do it anywhere on the screen.

#4. Kids Lock

Managing a restless kid and playing a video on your smartphone can’t effectively be done due to the fact that they will tap on the screen.

But on this app, Kids Lock helps you make the playback screen indifferent towards unwanted touches. You need to tap on the exact corner of the screen to unlock it.

PS. I hope you know how to download this awesome media player now. In order to introduce you to the popular media player, I have given you some of its features as well. Don’t forget to share our website with your friends on social media.