Download MX Player AC3 & DTS Custom Codec

Download MX Player AC3 & DTS Custom Codec

Unarguably, MX Player is the best media player for Android. Due to some licensing issues, the app stopped supporting AC3 and DTS codecs and you can’t hear audio while playing DTS/ DTSHD/ AC3/ EAC3/ MLP.

If you are an MX Player user who is disappointed by this unexpected move, you don’t have to worry anymore. An Android developer has built a few custom mx player codec files that plays AC3 and DTS audios/videos on mx player without any issue.

Download MX Player Codec Files Latest Version

APK Files

Zip Files

In this tutorial, I will walk you through the steps needed to download and apply the codec to make MX Player work usually for any video file.

Step 1: First, you need to download the codec pack. During my research, I have found some tutorials which ask you to check the decoder version. In order to avoid the confusion, I am going to give you the all-in-one pack.

As it contains codecs for all the decoders (Arm v7-Neon, Arm v7-Tegra3, Arm v7-Tegra2, Arm v6 VFP, Arm v6, Arm v5TE, x86 and, MIPS), you don’t have to worry about incompatibility issues.

Step 2: If you downloaded the above given file on your computer, you should transfer it to your mobile to proceed further.

Apparently, you have transferred a zipped file to the local storage of your phone. (If it were a direct codec file, your phone would have automatically detected it).

Step 3: Now, open your MX Player. I recommend you should update it to the latest version. Then, press that three-dots on the top-right portion of the interface and, hit Settings. Follow Settings>> Decoder>> Custom Codec.

You will get a file browser to choose the codec pack. Browse to the file you have just downloaded (or transferred). That’s it.

MX Player will be restarted once to finish the process.

In case you want to check whether the codec has been installed correctly, go to Help>> About. You can see ‘Custom codec 1.7.32’ there, can’t you?

Keep enjoying every video as you used to do. If you face any issue in rendering the audio from a video, you need to change the encoder to HW or HW+. Hopefully, the problem will get resolved at once.

MX Player; Significant Features

As you have read how to download MX Player AC3 & DTS custom codec, I want you to go through a few incredible features of the app.

#1. Subtitle Support

When it comes to a video player for computer, subtitle support is a must-have thing. But it’s not the same case with mobile media players.

Nonetheless, MX Player supports almost every subtitle format. You can even customize the appearance of the text and, relocate its position as well.

#2. Kids Lock

Kids Lock enables you to seamlessly enjoy videos even while managing your naughty kid. He/ she can’t do anything by tapping on the screen with this feature turned on.

#3. Hardware Acceleration

The three encoders (SW, HW and HW+) present on MX Player help you unleash the maximum out of your hardware without damaging them.

I hope you downloaded the codec pack and applied it without any issue. However, you can approach me through the comment field if you have any doubts regarding this article.