Download MX Player APK for Tizen OS & Samsung Phones

MX Player for Tizen & Samsung Phones: Even though Android has taken over the mobile world by storm, there are still some platforms that don’t disappoint the users. If you specifically ask for the names, I can’t help myself from spilling out the Tizen. Today, I am going to show you how to download MX Player for Tizen and Samsung phones.


Of course, most of the Samsung phones are based on Android. Still, they have launched a new device recently called Samsung Z2. They have chosen to take Tizen as the OS on it. So for the least popular platform, everyone’s concern is the availability of applications. In the case of Tizen, you don’t have to worry about it, at least in the media department.

You can also download MX Player Pro from this website. In case you want to try it on bigger screens, you can get MX Player for PC or MX Player for Firestick.

Download MX Player to Tizen

In this article, I will let you know how you can download MX Player for your Tizen device. And in the end, you will get to know significant features of the app as well. Unlike for Blackberry OS, MX Player is officially available for Tizen, which makes your job pretty easier.

Get Latest Version of MX Player Apk or Download  MX Player for PC from here.

First, you have to open the Tizen Store on your device. Then, tap on the search field and, enter MX Player into it. There you go! You will get what you want as the first result. Go ahead to install the same. Boom! Now you can enjoy your media files like never before.

You can also Download MX Player Pro and MX Player AC3 Codec from here.


Features of MX Player

Having been an MX Player user for more than 4 years, I found out some incredible features of the same.

#1. Supports All the Subtitle Format

For every person who enjoys foreign cinema, subtitles are a must-need thing. You can’t understand anything unless you see the small text communicating with you from the bottom of the playback screen.

MX Player supports almost all the subtitle format that you will never face any issue with it. Moreover, you can customize the color and size of the text as well. In case you don’t like the subtitle to sit at the bottom, a simple tap and drag will take care of the relocation.

Don’t forget to Download MX Player AC3 Codec and MX Player for BlackBerry.

#2. You can Play Every Media File

File format support is the prime subject you should take into account when you choose a media player. We all know that MX Player is a video player. There is no denying that it can play videos of any formats flawlessly.

You can also use it as an MP3 player. Yeah, you heard it right! Once you enable the option for it from the Settings, MX Player will detect audio files in your storage.

#3. Hardware Acceleration

Your phone may not be a high-end one. For the same reason, some high-quality videos may stutter when you try to play it. And, some low-quality files may lose clarity as well.

Hardware encoders can save your day in such situations. MX Player features three types of encoders; SW, HW, and HW+. Using MX Player’s own engines, HW+ is the strongest. Your video file will have twice the usual volume with hardware acceleration enabled.

#4. Kids Lock and Gestures

Kids Lock allows you to deactivate the playback screen to keep it safe from any unnecessary taps and touches. You can unlock the screen only by tapping on the right button.

Gestures help you increase productivity in media consumption. You know how to download MX Player to Tizen now, don’t you? In case you are left with doubt, feel free to reach out to me using the comment section down below.

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